Are Blogs an Important SEO Tool?

A blog is an informative online article or blog posted on the World Wide Web usually consisting of concise, informal, usually daily blog-like text entries. Blog entries are regularly displayed in reverse chronological order, hence the term, “blog,” (as in a blog, post, etc.). The purpose of a blog is to share one’s personal experience or knowledge with the public through personal writing. Some people use blogs as vehicles for commercial advertising; others simply use them as a personal way to express themselves. Either way, blogging is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to spread information on the Internet.


One reason why blogs are so widely used is that they are easy to start up and to maintain. A blog post can be written in a few minutes and posted to the blog site within a few hours. Most blog sites require no special software or hosting; all a user need is an internet connection. Once a blog has been set up and uploaded to the blog directory, it is available for anyone to read. It’s a completely searchable form of online writing.

Another reason why bloggers use blogs is that blogs allow users to interact in an informal setting that is often absent from the online writing world. For example, when a blog discusses fall shoes, it is an opportunity for the author (the blog’s author) to meet someone who might be interested in buying those shoes and to exchange ideas. In other words, a blog acts as a sort of online “sales call.” This informal interaction can be a great way for new Internet business people to make personal contact with potential clients.

One type of blog that is increasingly popular among many people is the food blog. Blogs that focus on particular types of food are especially popular among readers. The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times each have a popular blog that attracts a large number of readers. The Food Network Magazine, a cable channel focusing on health and nutrition, also has several blogs focusing on various food-related topics.

Finally, some bloggers are using blogging as a way to increase traffic to their web page or to their website. Some bloggers sell advertising space or time to other bloggers. Other bloggers offer services such as writing reviews of products for retailers. A third type of blogger who runs a blog that sells items such as real estate has begun marketing directly to individuals looking for a home.

As blogs continue to proliferate throughout the online world, SEO specialists have recognized the value of blog directories. Blog directories allow people to find blog posts by keywords and topics. This helps people to find a blog post relevant to their search query. As more people begin to create blogs and post them on the Internet, SEO experts are examining the content on individual blogs and determining how to optimize them so they will draw the most visitors possible. In turn, blog posts may rank higher in search engine results and attract more potential visitors.