Health and Halty – How They Are Related

Health is commonly spelled HEALY. Another synonym for it is pleasurable health. Other Comparatives: Healty has no defined English origin. Enjoyable is an adjective to mean delightful or happy; cheerful is an adjective used to mean pleasant, cheerful, favorably inclined. Pleasurable, on the other hand, means pleasant to the senses (as in ‘the pleasing smell of fresh roses’) or generally good cheerfulness, i.e. ‘smiling often’ or ‘having a lovely disposition.’


When I was in my teens and young twenties, I remember vividly how my grandmother would say, “You’re as smart as a whip.” She was right. She was one of those moms who believed that you could make any mistake if you were only on the ball. My grandfather on the other hand, had to rely on his own sharp wit, coupled with a bit of luck, to outsmart the seemingly impossible. As he grew older, he also had to rely on others’ good advice and protections, though he never relied on his own ability to do so.

In my opinion, healty may be derived from the Latin root HEALY which means to heal. So, according to one dictionary, healty is the ‘healing power of nature.’ The root words of the verb help indicate that nature is part of a larger whole encompassing the forces of life; this might explain why the word has come to stand for both health and wellness.

In many cultures around the world, especially in England and Japan, healty is associated with wealth and prosperity. I remember as a child being told by a woman that her husband was rich and she was poor because he had never had a good job. This, however, is a rather extreme example of healty.

In our modern world, though, most people are content to live a healty lifestyle. This means that they have a healthy diet, take part in regular physical exercise, spend time with family and friends, and try to maintain a positive attitude. Stress is not as big a problem in this kind of life style, at least I think so. The key point to remember is that while healty is a state of well-being, not all of us will experience it at the same time and in the same way.

This book will open up a whole new way of looking at health, not just the ‘after life’ issues that you will read about. It might even inspire you to take a few steps closer to a healthier lifestyle! If you haven’t already read it, pick up a copy. It’s a great little book. You’ll find yourself wanting to read more about it.